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Research has shown that writers are incapable of locating and correcting all the errors present in their writing. There is a subconscious block that keeps them from seeing all the mistakes that they have commuted in the content they create. This is why it is recommended that you have your writing looked at by someone else, preferably a professional editor, before you submit or publish it. This will save you from undue embarrassment and criticism.

Most of the time authors turn to friends or family members for the proofreading of their documents, which isn’t practical, as they aren’t qualified to assess the writing properly. A professional editing and proofreading service, like ours, is a far better option. Because it will look for all the common and uncommon mistakes that writers make. ContentVerge offers clients the most comprehensive editing and proofreading services, available online.

The meticulous editing and proofreading process that we have designed and adopted in our organization leaves no room for errors. The document that you send us will go through several sets of eyes before it is delivered back to you. In the first stage, the document will be thoroughly checked by an experienced editor. Before it is delivered to you, it will be reviewed by another proofreader, just to make sure that there aren’t any errors left.

Our Editing and proofreading service comes with the following features.

  • Well-trained and experienced editors and proofreaders
  • A service that anyone can afford
  • The integrity of your original document isn’t compromised
  • Round the clock customer service that will keep you in the loop
  • Clean of typos, grammatical and formatting mistakes

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Benefits We Offer

Our Goal

We aim to provide our clients with content that is original, creative and error free. The content also has to fulfill the requirements and specifications of the clients as well. We train our writers carefully; to make sure they are capable achieving excellence, working for our customers.

Our Promise

Plagiarism is a huge issue in all types of writing services. We have procedures in place to ensure that our clients never have to deal with it. The content that we deliver to clients will never be reused or resold.

Our Experience

Writers are the core of our organization, so we work with only the best writers around. We have a strict recruitment system in place, which allows us to take on the most experienced and skilled writers in the business.

Our Prices

One of our objectives in this business is to offer affordable writing services to clients. Often, quality writing services require you to pay an arm and a leg – that is certainly not the case with any of the services ContentVerge offers.

Our Guarantee

We here at ContentVerge are passionate about writing and providing our clients with content that can live up to their expectations, institutional and every other need. Clients can expect the best and the most reliable writing services, by choosing us.

Our Skills

Content Writing 100% 100%
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Content Optimization 85% 85%

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